2025:The first refrigerant gas factory in Vietnam is ranked in the Top 5 of the leading manufacturers in Southeast Asia

2026:Become a refrigerant supplier in Vietnam reaching international quality

2030:Top 5 international refrigerant suppliers

Always uphold the spirit of "COOPERATION FOR DEVELOPMENT". Viet Nam - Korea Petroleum Industrial Gas Joint Stock Company always attaches great importance to all cooperation relationships with customers and partners. The desire to bring the best quality products, clear origin and respect for partners is the top principle that Viet Nam - Korea Petroleum always aims for.

Providing high quality products and perfect service is our mission statement.


The stages from input materials to finished products to consumers are carried out according to a strict screening and inspection process. The entire production process is automated with modern automated systems that coordinate the production line, controlled from the host computer system to produce high purity products, minimizing all risks. during production.

The R&D team has many years of experience in the research and development of refrigerant products. The end of the process is quality testing, finished products are randomly selected through strict processes ... to ensure that the products that reach consumers are the best products.


To ensure safety in the production and trading of industrial gases, PVCK has built a system of factories, workshops and warehouses that meet national standards and technical regulations. These standards and regulations include:

Warehouses and factories are built to fully meet the conditions of fire prevention, environmental protection, occupational safety and hygiene. There are entrances, exits, ventilation systems. Especially the lighting system ensures standards to meet the requirements of chemical production and storage.

The floor of the factory and chemical warehouse is built to withstand chemicals, loads, does not cause slippery, has good drainage and collection grooves.

Outdoor tanks are built with dikes along with other technical measures to ensure that chemicals do not escape into the environment when a chemical incident occurs, and there are measures to prevent fire, explosion and lightning.

The table of rules on chemical safety as well as danger signs appropriate to the level of danger of chemicals are placed in a place that is easily seen by the staff.



The first refrigerant gas factory in Vietnam


Large domestic and international customers and partners


Products sold in the first year


The most modern refrigerant factory in Vietnam with an area of ​​40,000m²


Modern production lines, advanced technology from Korea and a team of experienced engineers from Vietnam

PVCK partner

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